At Kneece Investigations we are aware that cost is an important factor in your decision making process in hiring a Private Investigator.  We make every attempt to obtain the evidence/information needed to satisfy your investigative needs at the lowest possible cost.  We provide a free initial consultation to determine the needs of your individual case.  Our base hourly rate for investigations is competitive in the industry.  We offer flat-rate fees for specialized equipment, such as GPS units and unmanned covert cameras.  Like most professional service firms, we require a retainer fee to be paid in advance and then the fees are deducted from that retainer.  During your initial consultation we will be able to determine the appropriate retainer fee for you case based on the services you need.  Some of the factors that we use to determine the amount of the retainer fee include: 

  • Need for specialized equipment (GPS Trackers, Covert Cameras)

  • The estimated number of hours of surveillance needed to obtain the required information

  • The amount of travel involved

  • Location – remote areas and other situations sometimes require additional investigators and/or equipment

  • Airline, hotel, and other costs

  • The amount of information that the client is able to provide in advance

  • Urgency – we will take urgent matters as long as our manpower and equipment allow us to do so without compromising ongoing investigations; rush service rates may apply

Keep in mind that if your investigative objectives can be acquired with the use of unmanned covert cameras and GPS, the overall cost of the investigation will be less.  The use of specialized equipment reduces the number of man-hours involved, resulting in a more cost efficient investigation.

To provide you with examples of your rates, typically cases involving infidelity, child custody, insurance fraud, and civil investigations typically start at $1,800.  If your information needs are limited to information that is obtainable by performing database research, the retainer will often start at a lower amount.  If you need an investigation concerning criminal defense matters, they typically start between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on the nature of the case.  If the fees for the case are being paid by the South Carolina Indigent Defense funds and there is an order signed by a Judge approving investigative funds, we do not require an advance retainer, and we bill at the approved hourly rate.  In many cases, particularly Family Court matters, your attorney can ask the Court to require the subject of the investigation to reimburse you for costs incurred in proving their wrongdoing.  Let Kneece Investigations get started on your case today; we can be contacted by phone, email or in person to schedule a free consultation.

Current Rates:

  • Investigations $75.00 per hour per investigator

  • Mileage $0.60 per mile

  • GPS Monitoring $200.00 per week​

  • Unmanned Covert Video Systems *Varies based on location and equipment used *Short and Long Term Rentals and Installation Available*

  • Online Searches and Data Base Searches *Varies based on information sources

NOTE: South Carolina law requires a written contract before services begin.  *Advance retainer fee required for all individual cases* *Insurance companies, businesses, and law firms should contact us for more information*